An Atlanta Comment, In the New York Times

So what you’re saying is that when Donald Trump says he’ll build a wall, that he doesn’t really mean it.
And that when he demeans a fallen soldier’s parents, he doesn’t really mean it.
And when he invites Putin to hack into American databases, he’s really only joking.
And when he wants to build a wall across the US/Mexican border, he doesn’t really mean it.
And when he derides Sen. John McCain as a loser, he doesn’t really mean it.
And that when he refuses to show his tax returns, he has nothing to hide.
And that when he wants to prevent one quarter of the world population from entering the U.S. and wants to economically isolate it from the rest of the world, in spite of the fact that the US economy is essential dependent on the rest of the world for its wealth, that he’s got a bigger vision.
And that when he talks about making America great again, he doesn’t mean making America White again.
And that when he backs up his grandiose claims by saying, “Believe me,” that he actually has brilliant plans and innovative ideas to solve some of the toughest and most complex problems our world has ever seen.

Sure. Right.

Which is it? Is he a delusional liar playing on the fears of the American public? Or is he simply a self-important, short-sighted, simple-minded, uninformed, power-hungry megalomaniac, obsessed with winning, who only wants to “win” the biggest prize in our country: the US presidency? What will he do if he does and he’s no longer the center of attention? Abdicate?


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