The Final Obama Vision

He is also a man of vision, great vision. He understands how his legacy and the future of the country and the course he has set will depend on the November election. He is a competitor, a fierce competitor whose fires burn not for intermittent victories, but for a peace time reset in harmony with global changes–the most difficult of leadership challenges.

He will not let Trump win. He will not hand the keys to the White House to him at the swearing-in. Chargrined, beaten, stalemated and in disorder (a Speaker resigned mid-term!), Ryan and others are still running against his astounding legacy; they see Hillary as a proxy.

She’s not. But President Obama will not stand by idly to see his work dismantled as a wall is built–he will not leave the nation in the hands of a man as uncouth and crude, loud, narcissistic, and arrogant (and ignorant!), racist and xenophobic, insistent on blind violence with no respect for the law or the constitution or for progress as Donald Trump. That he sees as his final duty as President.

Let’s help him achieve his final goal.

With Obama, the Personal Is Presidential

Below: President Barack Obama at the Rural Council meeting in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building of the White House, Feb. 3, 2016. The President is flanked by Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and Health and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews-Burwell.24175292783_441fd7d097_k.jpg





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