The Search for Peace

Meeting St. Charleston. North of the Circular Church. 1865.

Meeting St. Charleston. North of the Circular Church. 1865.

Years of our politics have not absorbed the social lessons of Mr. Rogers or Kermit, but we recall Mitt Romney’s first target in the national debate four years ago was Big Bird, a character who helped children to learn to read and speak in 155 countries in countless languages–who also didn’t directly receive any government grants (he was funded by the Ford Foundation).

The times have changed! Men who are continually angry have no inner depth, no inner peace, little inner strength. The fires of their furies reflect shifting scenes of violence and mayhem; the excitement of destruction replaces compassion. Those who are empty look at carnage and see only blame. Where others see suffering an search for peace, they find a smug, self-righteous satisfaction. Their answers always call for more of the same.

The Trump Disaster Chronicle

~~Thank you for this comment, Walter. It should have been a Times pick this morning. It is the comment that describes best our current state of reality, that reveals Trump most clearly, but more importantly, his supporters. We have among us a rather shockingly large population of such men (and some women). This needs to be examined by the Times. This group of angry, empty people poses more of a threat to our country than the demagogue they support.



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