Awaiting Zion


The road to Jericho.

The only thing Americans don’t forget are their most cherished myths. In a contentious country, myths are the new truths, the vision and world view held dear against outsiders and common sense.

Can Hillary become mythical–can she shake the tag of being a corporatist hawk? Which thrown stones will vanquish the evil of greed and power? This is not an election over the mundane details of policy, the technical details of the debt, the test scores of public schools, or even the building of bridges, both physical and social.

This election is about a world view, a defining consensus of vision and comfort–and whether it will include hate and violence and a return to war and oppression–or will it further peace and expand prosperity by helping the fallen at home (and abroad!) while realizing the magnified benefits of our giving.

We are on the Jericho Road, with two different ethical sets and two different visions of the awaiting Zion.

Trump Tries to Take It Back 



One thought on “Awaiting Zion

  1. This is also the election which has highlighted the fears of whites that they are losing control of the nation, as they perceive it, to people of color, the LGBTQ community, and others who are “not like us.” White Americans are not used to feeling as if they are the “out group.” There have been surveys indicating that whites feel they are more racially oppressed and discriminated against than people of color and the LGBTQ community! Even though there are statistics which show that white American males continue to dominate the boardrooms, electoral politics, the military, and other positions of power and authority, many whites feel that something is being taken away from them. Trump plays to that feeling, that fear. Encourages it. Elevates it. “Make America Great Again” means let’s turn back time to the 1950s, before desegregation, before rights for women and LGBTQ people, when everyone knew their “place” and the white power structure worked triple overtime to ensure that everyone stayed in their designated “places.” This election could be an indication of white supremacy’s last gasp. We seem to be well on our way to having a white female President; we’ve already had a Black one. “There’s a new world coming,” sing Sweet Honey in the Rock, a Black, female a cappella singing group. “Everything gon’ be turning over. Where you gon’ be standing when it comes?” Racists, sexists and homophobes can possibly slow it down a little, but they cannot stop it.


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