Whose Worse Off?

chicagokidsapr41 (2)

Sad that a program (Obamacare) that insured 16 million previously uninsured, removed benefits caps and previous conditions exemptions is seen as “pushed through.” Maybe it was “fiercely resisted.” And Nancy Pelosi had more to do with its passage than the President!

Dodd-Frank was the result of the worst American/global recession since the 1930s; it ate up 60% of family net worth and created massive unemployment! Would you suggest banks be given a second bite of the apple? Are you really arguing that, given the overwhelming proof of failure by the banks, big and small, the President should have stood idly by? Where is your head if you think new regulations were part of “a cult?”

False accusations that ignore facts, forget history, and twist logic and evidence are the basis of iron control, by individuals or parties. Every objection you raise is rooted in one of those three methods. The problem, however, is not the disservice to a moderate President (who wanted criminals deportations to have priority over working families, both for the families and the economy), whose issue of 237 executive orders ranks in 5th behind Carter (320), Reagan (381), Clinton (391), Bush (291), with Bush Sr. one term total (191) 6th. False narratives are a favorite of shrills.

Finally the wild-eyed comparisons ignore a key fact: President Obama won two elections (neither going to the Supreme Court!), the first President in 5 decades to win twice by more than 51 percent. That’s democracy–not dictatorship!

Calvin Coolidge–who was no dictator or Mussolini–issued 1203 executive orders during his presidency. Too bad none exist for truth telling, fact checking, and context.

Give Us a King! http://nyti.ms/256tH2V


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