Welcome Table Mea Culpas

TXbaptism (2)

Mineola, TX baptism. 1935. LOC.

Before the Welcome Table meal (from the spiritual, “Yes, all the children going to sit together and tell how they were treated one of these days.”), I suggest two mea culpas.

One is a grievous omission: Did Bernie’s side not see the Grand Bargain? As David slay the enemy and won the doubters: state by state, cut out the GOP governors/House members/senators who oppose revolutionary reform for campaign funding/minimum wage/big banks and seek to dismantle safety nets–Berniecould have developed an frontal attack so big it would have engulfed the GOP flanks (preoccupied with Donald Trump), stung GOP locals, energizing Democratic bases, creating a unity aimed at the ultimate defeat of the real enemy, one far more dangerous and duplicitous than Hillary’s speeches and 20+ year old positions. His campaign missed the fierce urgency of now; it could have swallowed up Hillary in the swelling tide against the Republicans, fought state by state. Forgive him for not heaping coals on the vipers nests!

The other is a grievous commission: Hillary failed to have a single new, forward idea! If you aren’t going forward, you are going backward, politics never stands still. Successful global models for reorganizing the economy stared her in the face as Secretary of State. She was exposed to amazing infrastructure projects, countries like Rwanda growing a stable middle class, collaborative models like Research Triangle (NC), markets ripe for American investment, like rail. But she couldn’t get past taxes to wages!

Bring Hillary and Bernie Together http://nyti.ms/23ZDpBT  (Click to read replies.)


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