The Flogging Over Hillary’s Speeches

EasternmarktDC (2).jpg

Eastern Market, Washington, DC. LOC.

Defenders of the constitution fight incessantly for the right to free speech, no matter how extreme, no matter who it incites–no matter who it harms; yet a nation-wide movement is claiming Hillary Clinton as a Presidential candidate has no such right. This movement of voters, many Democratic, and conservatives insist she release the transcripts of her Wall Street speeches, esp. the highly paid remarks she offered to Goldman, Sachs. Speech is her line in the sand.

No, she appears not to want to participate in the least common denominator of flogging–over speeches! If there were anything to note, it would have been leaked and reported years ago! Not fear, but honor is a reason to resist the mob’s actions and demands, esp. when the context (speeches!) by any stretch is filled with platitudes; speeches are not state secrets! In the meantime, the House whip speaks to a white supremacist group and that’s okay. Yet another submissive strain of extreme exaggeration for unfounded fantasies and conspiracies that smear the dignity of silence as a reply! (Also, as Goldman paid for them, the company can release the transcripts.)

Donald Trump’s Evasions on Taxes


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