GOP Power Politics

Detroitkissing (2)

Detroit Yatch Club party. Couples kissing. Summer 1940. LOC.

The real issue is not Trump–it never has been!–it’s power. Look back at the range and views of GOP candidates for state and federal races; their gaffes and statements are a litany of illogic, blame, flag-wrapped god appeals, comfort with fear and attacks on the poor. Trump by any yardstick is no different. Not even the thinnest of shims separates him from the 50 senators who signed a letter to the Iranian foreign minister threatening to tank the non-nuclear accord; nothing separates him from the precipice the House–to smiles and applause–put the country on when it shuttered government for 15 days–and promptly cost the country $24 billion!

Self-righteous indignation is only the latest GOP allusion. Nothing like outrage to cover its past and current follies. Is Trump worse than a GOP senate that won’t consider one of the nation’s most qualified jurists for the Supreme Court? Is the idea of a Trump presidency worse than those party members/officials eager to put the social security trust–the world’s fifth largest GDP–in private hands–shredding the safety net for confetti for the rich?

Yes, Trump is racist, but that puts him well within GOP norms, Tim Scott not withstanding. But it’s not his views of civil rights that the party finds offensive. It is his challenge to power; his questioning and defeat of its hegemony; its failure to function–its greed.

The fight is between a narcissist and group greed, and the group is refusing to show love. The greedy never share.

Run on a Ticket With Donald Trump? No, Thanks, Many Republicans Say


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