Can Hillary Win Democrats?


Dorothea Lange’s “Migrant Mother,” an alternative proof. 1937. 

The real question is can Hillary win over the Democrats? The old context, party vs. party, clashes with the new reality. Disgruntled voters have clearly rejected traditional platforms and the appearances of self and corporate interests. Rightly or wrongly, Hillary has been a victim of appearances, large speaking fees, a sense of entitlement, bitter memories of team Clinton out of office, and personal stonewalling. This year, more than before, appearances matter.

She has not met the resistance to her with a dialogue of engagement. Her vision of American prosperity (job growth/higher wages) lacks new models, instead recycling boondoggle templates of policy and taxes, dull stuff. (I suggest rails! And local investment and partnerships in data center, last mile warehouses, and healthcare REITs.)

Her personal narrative omits an entire chapter of global experience at State. She share no details of speaking truth to power, a vision of common global issues, of how to avoid pitfalls of conflict–terror and economic. She points to no trends we can partner with. Her silence helps isolate her. 

What will win and inspire Democrats will also attract independents and Republicans. National elections are won in the states; politics is local.

Virginia/Pennsylvania/Ohio/Michigan/Wisconsin are vital to her success–states count more than Republicans! Avoiding the Obama backlash is also key; without him to blame, she becomes the scapegoat (the GOP’s “3rd term.”) Her best attack is to compete better. To offer a vision with policy.

Can Hillary Clinton, Goldwater Girl, Win Over Republicans?


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