A Times Reader Blames Gail Collins

I reply:

I don’t know if you are serious (I think you are!), but thank you for the great humorous image in my mind: come November, Gail in a box ring, in business causal, raising clasped hands to cheering crowds, turning in sensible shoes to all four corners, waving and smiling; finally the ring filled with Times staffers to celebrate Gail’s knockout victory for Donald Trump–with a Anderson Cooper-led CNN panel in the studio telling us exactly how she did it! Viva the power of satire! Beware the unknown dangers of humor in opinion writing!

Giving her a cut of a potential Trump victory (revealing her secret influence on haters and blame merchants!) is even better than the fame she generated for Mitt Romney’s dog.

Who Wants to Be on Trump’s Ticket? http://nyti.ms/255GFy3


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