A Classic Coup, Formed From Miscues


System theorists know complex systems blame flaws and miscues on individuals, using them as easy scapegoats. Individual blame avoids admission the system is broken and is tied to the idea of sacrifice: the individual is an offering to purify the system. Renounced, the sacrifice supposedly restores the system’s sanctity, renews its rigor, and reminds all far-flung parts of the dangers of deviation, esp. in closed systems.

That’s the main GOP problem: it is a closed system, slowly imploding. Its leadership, loyal to a mythic past (a pony express competing against email and digital texts!), with its constant of greed and its demands for total power (state and federal), has no policy for modern challenges. It planned takeovers (blocking Obama’s appointments) and abandoned governing.

Now, under dialectical theory, the GOP faces its own takeover, a classic coup from within. It has reacted like typical bourgeois bureaucrats, with scorn and condemnation. Charleston’s cry of “Ruins!” (as the 1861 war was being lost) is its example.

Trump should be seen in his role within the system: it has admitted no culpability! Its focus on power mangled governing. One fraction chased a Speaker, shut down govt, produced a theocratic Cruz. Another offered a succession of well-funded losers. The system now offers contempt and derision for the winner, from whom Indiana refused to “save” America!

Its the same contempt and scorn they have for America–whether or not they are in charge.

To make its winner its own scapegoat is to witness a party obsessed with greed and wealth, and a skilled cadre of policy makers and elected officials raring to pull off an internal coup–which their errors enabled to be foisted on them.

The Making of an Ignoramus http://nyti.ms/1rLO8U8 (Click to read replies.)


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