Haysctyjail (2)

Hays County, Texas jail. 1939. LOC.

The relentless all-hour reruns of “Law and Order” in 100 channel cable markets provide direct rebuff to the touted but hollow promise/premise of wider “choice.” The small group of personalities debating a pre-framed trivial point of view, over and over, nightly/daily (in video clips), without data, global comparison, historic reference, regional content, or a deep commitment to truth or knowledge of facts has resulted in many choosing narrower limits: streaming music, coffee shops, Facebook–now a “choice” of 1.65 billion users.

Choice is another way David hides social and economic contradictions in the allusion of freedom. Do workers have a choice about unlivable minimum wages of $7.25 an hour? Do women have greater freedom in exercising reproductive rights? Do voters in 33 states have greater opportunity to vote for candidates of their “choice?” Is Stop Trump about “choice” or power? And is government in Michigan, the governor in particular, doing more than posting on tweeter, to give the people, families, and children, new “choices” for the basis of life: drinking water that doesn’t leave skin rashes or cognitive impairment for life?

It’s eerie how ads follow you across site screens–our choices are being tracked! Some of us run to stores before opening, lined up to buy brand shoes never to be worn or phones never to be turned off. We are herded and swept up like fish trolled in long line nets.

The Choice Explosion http://nyti.ms/27IJur7 (Click to read replies.)


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