Humor Hides The Dangers


The fact that so much humor lies in the details tells us how severe is the tragedy that the leadership criteria for our highest national office has been reduced to sound bites, morning call-ins, threats against protesters, potential bans on Muslims, a congressional vote on building a wall (yet again another repetition of China!), and making slurs and hate politically correct.

It is all so wrong! But easy living has led to easy thinking: we hear about anger, but in the end, Trump offered comfort. Both sides enjoyed the smashing of the idols, the non-mention of Reagan, the rising numbers as Indiana (and five states before!) “failed” to save America for Ted Cruz or the other 16/17 contenders.

The #NeverTrump movement was inept at tactics or negotiations–imagine them running the country! Sometimes the clown is better than the robot, funny is better than dark (politics, not skin!), and clueless improvisation is better than rigid orthodoxy and denied contractions. Maybe shameless is better than blame.

The GOP has one chance left! With a Republican governor, the party needs to remember if it is serious that Ohio is an open carry state. After all, isn’t this moment exactly what so many with passionate devotion to the 2nd amendment believe is its purpose? Will Cleveland be the new Lexington?

Doubtful. Money-raising cowards filled with invective for their own creation–their Falstaff–they claim to be victims of a comic tragedy they made! And are utterly helpless to change!

Who Wants to Be on Trump’s Ticket? (Click to read replies.)


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