Context and Alter Egos

Arkansas cotton Picker. 1935. FSA/LOC.

Arkansas cotton Picker. 1935. FSA/LOC.

Donald Trump wants to do something about immigrants, but not about heroin. Expelling the undocumented is his answer to rapidly spread drug addiction in America’s cities and towns–will he build a wall around white people to prevent it from spreading to Asian/African-American/Latino communities–until it is better understood? He is the classic abuser who, when caught, flatly denies his abuse or blames it on others, or frames it as natural. His language denigrates women–for whom he has no policies for child care, wage hikes, family leave, or safety from violence, despite mounting threats and costs. He sees white male privilege as a constitutional right, but his danger is in his biggest boast: creating jobs.

Jobs are created in context. Which industries and markets, what products, which purchasing countries has Trump identified for gains? (I suggest rail, from commuter to cargo, a fast growing, global heavy industry with 1000s of ancillary products/services/skills benefiting wages and financing.)

Does the real estate guy know about data service REITs, a fast growing space servicing businesses of all sizes? What about healthcare REITS, can they help control healthcare costs? “Last mile” warehouse REITs (for Amazon and others), can these be developed and leveraged globally? REITs (real estate investment trusts, required to pay out 90% of profits to shareholders) add jobs, create investments, help control costs and can be scaled. They would have more impact than a wall!

Two notes: both supporters and distractors of Trump should be worried about his assumption–and refusal to admit–alter egos, revealed in a looking glass moment, caught on tape. This separation of selves in the service of each other could become a significant problem if it is still a part of his decision-making and issue framing. Which Trump is speaking? Maybe he is (honestly) unaware of his actions!

Two, on Paul’s columns, to further the ideas of policy, I often cite models; the ideas of policy have to be turned into models for organizations and communities that provide a diagram of the working parts and markets.

Rails, esp. are a global opportunity with limited barriers to entry; they require precision manufacturing, match American foundry and technical skills and financing capacity, but even the New York subway buys cars from Canada! The rail boom will continue for a century and the US has only 2% of the total market, including coatings, signals, software, doors, engines.

Debates about taxes and policy limit the national vision to repeating the past. Models show how resources can be recombined to meet old and new market demands; they must become a part of the discussion focusing on the future!

In that light, REITs are a model that offer several benefits! Including small investor opportunities and lower service and capital costs through efficiency and efficacy.

It Takes a Policy


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