A Times Reader On Violence and Policing

The American citizens who volunteer to serve in a public law enforcement job armed with a uniform, a badge and gun with a state government license to deprive us of our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness must be held to the highest moral and legal standards in every encounter with civilians who are presumed not guilty.

Any evidence of how they perform their jobs collected by any means that is relevant and substantively probative of how they have done their job should be gathered and admitted into evidence with the goal of making factual findings and legal conclusions. What better evidence can there be other than a contemporaneous video recording of the cop, the citizen and the scene?

I have both career cops and crooks in my family. We were all born and raised black on the South Side of Chicago over multiple generations. My cop family resent and condemn the rogue bad cops in Chicago. And my family crooks have always been treated legally and fairly by cops.

Moreover, the two worst and the two best cops that I ever encountered were all black. “Two-Gun Pete” and “Gloves” were the most brutal in their treatment of blacks. While Renault Robinson and Howard Saffold were local friendly, fair and competent legends.

When James Comey first went down this path, I suggested that either the Attorney General or the President should have immediately summoned him to their office where Comey should have offered to resign or been asked for his resignation. J. Edgar Hoover lives.


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