Paths of Confusion

Cotton Carnival40MemphisWolcott

Marion Post Wolcott photo. Cotton Carnival. Memphis, TN. 1940. FSA/LOC.

Amazing so many people with wealth and high media profiles lack integrity and a passion for the truth of details, esp. on taxes and political economy. Equally astounding that America’s politicians/corporate headers/media reporters fail to take notice of global trends and markets, and global models of success (like China’s 7-city, Pearl River district). Bewildering that votes believe “jobs can be returned” without any specifics of industry or markets; foolish for voters to accept that trade wars, low wages, eliminating health care, and having 50 different standards in education (none tied to work!) will produce prosperity–or to accept the idea the US can grow faster than the world.

Why does Trump, the real estate magnate, overlook the price of housing, ownership and rental, whose costs are so huge that they are restricting savings, creating anxiety and peril for working families, and dampening productivity and consumer spending? Why does Trump, in his private plane, discount the importance of good transportation systems, a feature constantly in focus in Europe? I can travel to New York City (on China buses!) cheaper than I can to downtown Charleston. ($60!)

These issues don’t come wrapped in fear and anger, only in hopelessness and despair. The hopeless/homeless don’t vote. The angry do. But dreams and blame too often become lies and violence, then mass denial that faults the victims, as fear replaces prosperity.

When will voters realize the errors of the crooked are not economic virtues? And solving real problems don’t require walls?

Trump and Taxes


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