Sad And Outraged

I am sickened and outraged by any narrative that begins with the entirely false, self-serving idea–rammed down the throats of voices that bring balance to discussion–to usurp their views and reduce them to the claim “all things wrong within the black communities is really the fault of whites”–a narrative and conclusion that is wrong, inflammatory, misleading, reductionist, and demagogic–and made mostly by whites who purport to translate what others really mean!

One thing that is wrong is that whites (not all!) persist in this belief–turning an opportunity for collaboration and cooperation for problem solving back into an exercise in blame.

No one with common sense and life experience thinks that “whites are blamed” (a victim paranoia that leads to a defensive supremacy practiced by Dylan Roof in its extreme form, a barrier/block to sharing and listening in its lesser forms by its simple one-sidedness) or social change is achieved by taking “personal responsibility;” witness the spreading heroin epidemic in suburban and rural white communities; the nightly crime shows that show epidemic violence among whites. Add spree killings, the causes and fix are deeper than “just say no.” for black violence and white violence, even if the violence takes different forms.


Mississippi River Boat. 1935. FSA/LOC.


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