A Thief, A Fall, and A Backlash

Rue the GOP, within its horror is much funny–one of my favorites is the emerging account that says Trump hijacked and stole the conservative agenda and values. Really? Normally, fences get less value–Trump got more–more votes than the 16/17 candidates who represented themselves as faithful stewards the values and agenda he hijacked! How did the bandit do so well and the centurions fail?


Bowling. Clinton, Indiana. 1940. FSA/ LOC.

Many public speakers are echoing Milton’s Paradise Lost (listen to Ted Cruz), the rise of Trump is being equated to the Fall of Humanity, a banishment into the darkness; who knew a vote for Trump was a taste of the forbidden fruit? And these are Republican narratives!

To add two creation myths:

(1) Trump stole the center ring; he revived racism and xenophobia and played the fire eater blowing the flames back rather than choking on the smoke and heat.

(2) Trump is a result of a new form of American backlash to black success: after Obama, the goal of many is not only to not have another black President, but to show that the most misfit white guy could be his equal. (I experienced this in Myrtle Beach; when because of my intelligence, management decided I couldn’t zero out the register at shift’s end!) Comfort is found in stupid, esp. when it becomes the equal to smart!

Imagine a Trump inaugural speech, him at the G8 conference, him visiting Buckingham Palace or Nigeria or Laos. Rue the day!

Laughing is the best way to keep from crying! Don’t worry men, you’ll still be 50% of Hillary’s cabinet!

The Donald Trump New Normal http://nyti.ms/1rtm5c3

“Trump is a result of a new form of American backlash to black success” I think you nailed it, Walter. (Ireland.)


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