Cause and Effect

farmland (2)

Montana farmland. 1942.

Whether you believe in religion or science, both point to conditions that have to be fulfilled before cause occurs. For the faithful, it’s prayer, unrelenting devotion that displaces the ego that set conditions for the gods to respond, as Shiva was honored with rain and the Ganges for the one leg stand he endured or the miracles that restore life beyond all odds common to Christianity, met conditions lead to new realities.

The same is true for science. Whether sun spots or black holes, the existence of their reality points to conditions from which they were formed.

But in our political life, pundits and leaders deny these conditions. Nothing has cause. Everything exists in isolation, without precedent, unconnected to a before, a one of a kind occurrence that ignore a fundamental principle of existence, of how things begin, form viability and grow, to impact the world.

Communities have looked for causes, sometimes false (we know longer rain dance!), often true, to organize and understand events in our world.

Now in the age of social media, the idea of cause and effect is rejected. Solutions have no connection to problems, an immense problem in our politics. It leads to false fixes with high hopes. It leads to denial. No words incite violence. No memo means what it says. No double entrende is real. The lack of cause leads to stampedes of blind mules. It leads to the Red Queen’s tea becoming a TED talk for the impossible things.

The Libertarian party is viable, but short cuts to the Presidency won’t work! Without broad support, its process deepened, the party acts as a mirage.

Live Free or Trump – The New York Times


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