They Call Him “Mr. President”

Now, if for once, in respect for his office and in honor of him having won two elections, overseeing the Gulf cleanup, removing the cap and including pre-conditions in healthcare coverage; leading an international coalition of Security Council members (including Russia!) in negotiating nuclear disarmament with Iraq (already paying additional dividends; Iraq recently voted into office more moderates), negotiating a global climate agreement, stabilizing the labor and financial markets, securing global health against new threats, limiting American occupation in foreign countries, offering global eulogies from South Carolina to South Africa, and creating a rich cultural legacy at the White House (celebrating among others, Stevie Wonder and Burt Bacharach)–his wife creating a life-affirming focus on healthy eating with a back lawn garden harvested by local students, a national recipe competition for youth and a beehive and Beyonce videos–if now those who seek the office will again remember charity begins at home and know that dignity begins in the heart with how we treat others (or find an epiphany in prayer!)–and set an example gleaned from the best of America’s past, and proudly call Barack Obama, the most powerful leader among the world’s 196 nations, “Mr. President.”

“That guy” is getting old and tiresome and contradicts any claims of greatness; rather, around the world, it brings shade and shames America’s promise.

~~Mr. Rhett – perhaps you can fill in with a full editorial this year. I agree wholeheartedly with you assessment of our President!

~~Thank you, Walter,

When Christie referred to our President as a “feckless weakling” I was as shocked as I’ve been at anything in a very, very long time. And I find Maureen refer to him as “Barry” in her NYT column (which I no longer can bear to read) simply appalling.


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