A Central Truth In Trump’s Lies


The Seven Works of Mercy, Master of Alkmaar. 1504. Click to enlarge.

Among all of Trump’s lies is one central truth: the lobbyists, party leaders, power brokers, and elected officials have no power over him. This is doubly critical: since the preceding eight years have had a President who cautiously slipped their hold as he slowed the growth of government, resisted its shut down, grew private sector jobs at an unprecedented pace, reformed health care and along the way, continues to prove diplomacy is a vital tool in progress. The thought of two Presidents unintimidated by by wealth and power is causing serious angst–so much that the GOP is criticising the very values and dog whistles that organized the silent shadows of its support: the zombie voters. (Paul’s zombies apply to the mindless march of voters, too.)

The ideological/wealthy/power elite had forgotten about voters: they were planning a quick strike against Hillary and a rapid dismantling of not only healthcare but social security (which equals the world’s 5th largest GDP)–not cutting the budget but emptying the treasury.

Within the political economy, cultural ideas have proved stronger than balance sheets; appeals to xenophobic/racist/misogynist views have more durability than debt, defense, and budget cuts, esp. after Obama.

Even the Christian right has forgotten this universal, scriptural truth (Psalm 7): “Whoever digs a hole and scoops it out falls into the pit they have made. The trouble they cause recoils on them; their violence comes down on their own heads.”

~~The President has not slipped their hold. He simply worked out a more generous bargain.

Wall St. collapsed in 2008 as did Main St. Wall St. arguably precipitated the collapse. Wall St. has been fully restored – in fact is stronger than before the collapse. 90% of the gains in GNP since 2008 has gone to the 1%. Main St. has not been recovered, in fact the middle class is still contracting and has slipped below the 50% mark this year. Almost no Bankster’s have gone to jail. The American Gulag has more people in it than Russia’s or Communist China’s – 80% minorities. The deficit has shrunk each year under Obama. If the size of Government had remained flat or grown with population unemployment would be lower still & we might still have middle class over 50%. It is not as if Obama ended Reagan’s supply side era & replaced it with demand side era, he’s farther right than Nixon.

The reactionaries running the GOP since Reagan are still in control. They can & have maintained control of the GOP even during the Clinton and Obama years: they will continue to be until Trump gets nominated AND wins the Presidency. They fear Trump more than Hillary or even Bernie because only a Trump win means his taking over their Republican party. If Trump gets the nomination but loses, they get to re-assert control of their party. It doesn’t solve the problem of strategic dichotomies inherent in their policy positions but they’ll still control the GOP for another term.

Otherwise I like your analysis.

~~”But there are still judgments here, that we but teach bloody instructions, which being taught, return to plague the inventor.” Shakespeare, Macbeth.

~~”Slowed the growth of government”. Do you have any data to support your statement? If you do and it is credible, I will shift my support immediately to any candidate that will promise to continue to slow the growth of our government.

~~I’ve seen graphs from Paul Krugman, among others, that have shown that the growth of government has slowed, especially in terms of employment. Some of these graphs showed huge decreases, as I recall, but only from memory. Perhaps the big area in cuts have been at the state level. State government employ teachers and policeman and the like. But Government capacity to manage its affairs per capita of citizens is limited and as such, as population expands, government employment has to expand to provide services that are as competant today and tomorrow as they were yesterday. So government employment should grow parallel to employment growth. That certainly has not happened.

~~Thanks, Walter. You have reminded me of how much I will miss President Obama. He has been an exceptional president.

~~@WalterRhett Just hope the American people aren’t ALL thrown into the repugniklan pit.

Thanks for replying. On party control: In my reading, Trump doesn’t/can’t take over party control–but neither can the established elite–the party structure was/is built around the dichotomies embedded in culture and policy, culture aimed at the social contract, Trump’s greatest appeal; policy at the balance sheet and even more redistribution upward.

On Obama: my Zen/dialectical sense tells me stalemate is better than loss. Given massive obstruction, relentless spin, and the shock of both the recession and his race, Obama built a platform for future change; change comes in stages, growing out of earlier/present conditions.

The middle class decline overlooks two key issues: one, no country can sustain growth greater than the global whole; middle classes throughout the West are collapsing, the US is tied to and affected by this trend. Two, many boomers opted not to return (I did), lowering the labor participation rate as they aged out. Red states cordoned off and intensified the gulags, rejecting any fed intervention (Baltimore, Flint; medicaid, etc.)

On Wall St. crime: criminal statues for individual culpability make it difficult to indict specific, responsible actors; the company acts as a collective, its review processes and approvals make it difficult to charge individuals. To do so will require new law.

We both enjoy analysis! Its depth, details, and fact-structured narratives. And savor its differences. We look to the greater good!

Others, thanks for your replies. Limited space prevents a full look at Hillary and Bernie’s policies and promises, esp. the mechanics; I have said both must organize down line to states to win the Congress for their policies! (Easier is AG Loretta Lynch’s letter to state and local judges warning about turning fines on the poor into profit centers.) I have suggested successful economic models (rather than policies) for middle income job growth (Research Triangle! Pearl River zone. Rwanda’s unprecedented speed of middle class expansion!). These can be searched: I suggest searching before asking for “proof,” as I have already searched and use key terms to make facts and data for my evidence easy to find.

I will provide these links on President Obama slowing the growth of govt.

From Forbes: Who Is The Smallest Government Spender Since Eisenhower? Would You Believe It’s Barack Obama? [http://www.forbes.com/sites/rickungar/2012/05/24/who-is-the-smallest-gov…].

Business Insider: FY2014 was the fifth consecutive year the deficit declined as a percentage of GDP. It is now an estimated 2.8% of GDP, below the average of the past 40 years. [http://read.bi/1w7dUPt ].

Please search on your own; you’ll find more than I can offer. Honestly I prefer writing to being a librarian. Searching is one tab over! Discover and refine! (Avoid ideologies and generalities!)


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