The Children of Injustice




The children of Latin America are now having immigration hearings, but they have no representation–no lawyers or legal aid. /wr

So, in due time, we deny due process to children for whom, if anyone, it is due. The image of 4 year-olds representing themselves in a foreign language is jarring. (But the child was courageous enough to make the trip!) Our sense of justice is over  due!

This Times editorial should be accompanied by a major story which observes a court hearing, interviews the principals and traces the aftermath of the decisions, putting a small, human face and voice to the justice denied by the wealthiest country in the world.

Mr. Leahy vs. Stupid, Stupid, Stupid – The New York Times

~~I couldn’t even read the whole bit. This is happening more often now.
It’s nauseating what we are becoming.




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