Doug Terry: “Gridlock Is Not DeadLock”

Important to note: Congress is not in deadlock, it is in intentional gridblock. Deadlock implies that all parties (in this case, 2) are blocking each other from doing anything constructive. This impression is created by the misreporting of what has been happening for the last five years. One party, the Republicans, have bowed to their extreme elements and made the decision that blocking almost everything is more beneficial to them than any discussions and compromise. This decision also reflects the conclusions Republicans reached in various private strategy meetings in late 2008 and early 2009 as Obama was coming to office. It represents, in the larger sense, an attempt to nullify the national elections of ’08 and ’12.

The gridblock could be ended immediately, first by a decision simply to stop it or second by an ending the Hastert/Boehner rule which would allow for compromise. This “rule” was imposed most recently by Boehner as he yielded fundamentally and repeatedly to the tea party wave of new, inexperienced and forcefully ignorant members of the House in an effort by Boehner to keep his job. It was an act of public cowardice for which he was praised by many for his “leadership” as he sweated, chain smoked and verbally dodged through almost five yrs. of trying to be the Speaker.

Doug Terry writes comments for the New York Times. /wr


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