Revolutions Are Mirrors

Revolutions are mirrors of a society; the ideas and naivety that exists before lives after and is often magnified. Revolutions often fall short of their own destiny; their fate meets with the full force of the old system in ways not anticipated. The real revolution becomes how its new ideals and old forces are both accompanied; this stage of a revolution requires skillful diplomacy (or brutal repression); it is the work of actual change: the realigning of institutions, the creation of new standards, the fight against new and old forms of corruption, the pacification of general unrest, managing the errors that occur within change, while creating continuity and an new culture of values.

How will President Sanders handle actual deportations under current laws? How will he handle congressional pressure to expand the military budget, already the world’s biggest? What is his strategy to eliminate ISIS and other terror units that are a global threat? How will he deal with the armed defiance of domestic groups like those seen in Oregon? How will he address states that defy federal laws? Which farm subsidies will he continue: sugar, tobacco? Does he approve GMO foods? Will he oppose all offshore drilling? Will he continue the sale of US oil reserves? What new thinking will he bring to the management of health epidemics? Will he expand family leave?

All these nuts and bolts are a part of the revolution. Are they a part of the Senator’s thinking? What place do they have in his plan?

The Bernie Sanders Revolution – The New York Times


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