The Triangle Model

Research Triangle (NC) is one of most America’s most successful job generators at all income levels, but never gets a nod from policy makers or candidates or the media! The public and private leaders in the region apply economic orthodoxy in a model that transcends party ideology and power fights, to focus on jobs and profits. Founded way back in 1959, the Triangle is home to 170 major companies and has sustained growth through every era and a variety of economic conditions. It is also a template that can be copied and adapted.

Currently, the Triangle plans to develop light rail transportation. Its master plan calls for another 100K jobs! Why is its sustained model of success so consistently overlooked? It points to power and convention: on the economy, none of the current political plans offer new models, only incremental policy, mainly on trade and taxes, that ignore global trends.

Research Triangle has succeeded by looking at global trends and building a comprehensive public-private partnership. That partnership developed a model that emphasized cooperation as the key to both jobs and profits. It worked!

But sadly, on the economy, the nation’s leaders act like blind mules: never afraid of the dark, they can’t see the light!


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