Limits and Litmus Tests

litmusTrump is a gentleman of the New School, the curse ’em, shout, kick ’em, punch, humiliate ’em, strike school of slashed earth practiced by Gen. Sherman, but he has the appeal of SC’s Lt. Gen. Wade Hampton III (CSA), who became the state’s Democratic governor when his Red Shirt brigade won the election and wrestled control of the state from the carpetbaggers–and promptly began to deny basic rights, including the vote, to the jubilee (newly emancipated enslaved) and others.

What Trump is proposing is limits. Absolute limits, relative limits, enforceable limits, non-negotiable limits–limits with benefits. This is different than the party of no. Trump has turned limits into an action plan.

Cruz continues to practice litmus test politics, delegitimatizing all but the true believers. His is a dangerous presumption of self-righteousness and narcissism that has wide but thin appeal.

Limits and litmus are offering comfort and cover for the absence of the principles of government and its process in the GOP campaigns. Wrapping a candidate in a flag while parceling out blessings and hate is the worst of America and tramples its promise of fair play and its commitment to a personal chance at health and prosperity, in peace, for you and your children’s children.

Trying to Read Donald Trump, in Translation – The New York Times


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