A Mirror for All Sides

Trump is an American paradox: a mirror of all of its sides; its failings and successes, its search for gold, hungry for the applause of its galleries; its foot stomp, neck chop swift vengeance of hate devoid of love under the guise of safety; he embodies stand your ground and violates every amendment of liberty and civil rights that says everyone can breathe free; he passionately promises, he challenges the bosses, he limits and insults minorities; he is an unbiased white supremacist (for him, its an unstated fact of natural law); he can not name one international head of state, he has no plan to make the US competitive in global markets, he would hold down wages; he routinely lies; he has charm.

He is an imitator and an parrot, an old Catskills entertainer from the Borscht circuit playing the dozens and insulting women; he thinks the US is a failed real estate project. He ignores technical terms–the oligarchs would walk away with billions–yet the voters consistently say he’s the best Republicans have got for the greatest office on earth. What a show!

The Party of Trump, and the Path Forward for Democrats – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1RHRf7Q


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