The Killing Ground of Faith

DelanoVI (2)

The primaries show several political chasms have increased; the god divide is wider than ever. Individual candidates are directly at odds to the main tenets of the faith they profess to celebrate, whose commands and virtues they claim to live by. But the god of love is also the god of free will. Their deflection is obvious. They speak of praise, but covet power.

Their ideas of stewardship directly contradict the dominion their faith says they inherit.

Modern technology and economic demand abode disasters, but the warning signs are ignored; the dangers rise. The small, humble bee points to danger for our food sources. Its widespread absence from fruit and vegetable groves point to a potential crisis bigger than historic famines. Yet we shrug.

Then came Flint. The governor is so wrapped up in his own confessions and studies from a far, the fix he immediately ordered for GM months ago when the water corroded engines made in Flint still has not begun for the city. (Why are they not using rain barrels for storage?) Those in the GOP seeking the Presidency are silent about a public health crisis under a GOP governor; it does not come up in debates and town halls. “That’s not an issue that right now we’ve been focused on,” Rubio has said.

Water is being destroyed and destroying human and wildlife in other ways met with silence. Duke Power dumped 82 million tons of coal ash and 27 million gallons of contaminated water into the Dan River/Catawba-Wateree basin, still leaking after a year. Faith without good works abounds!

Planet on the Ballot – The New York Times


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