Reflections of Opression

Two notes: in withdrawing from states with large numbers of African-American voters, Bernie’s campaign sends a message with an critical subtext. Unspoken, certainly unintended by the campaign, it may resonate loudly and play into the American truths the campaign seeks to challenge.

Not only do GOP balance sheet economics and corrupt money politics break democracy, race has been a major wedge in driving electoral voting and perceptions of competence and power. Especially to Republicans, Bernie leaving these states uncontested reinforce their idea that black votes (and voters!) don’t matter. While no campaign fights in states it can’t win, it is especially important for Democrats to contest for black votes to counter the stigma Republicans assign to race. The rational political decision to re-deploy resources may inadvertently and tacitly be seen as the benign neglect Democrats have been blamed for. It has the potential to make it easier for the GOP to run its coded attacks in the general election.

The strongest counter was in Hillary’s speech. No candidate has so forcibly and firmly (and openly and publicly) addressed the issues of customs and institutions–and the felt personal consequences–of race. It moved against the tide of fears Democrats in previous elections have felt about the Obama presidency; it showed courage and truth–it reached across the aisle and history to channel the inner Frederick Douglass.

What Hillary Clinton’s South Carolina Win Means – The New York Times


Just curious to know that as a black South Carolinian how you look upon the two candidates? As a 57 year old southern white woman I come down firmly behind Ms Clinton.

~~African American voters need to know. “The Clintons’ personal net worth, as well as the holdings of the family’s Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation charitable group, have also been the subject of considerable controversy, and some commentators have questioned why Bill and Hillary’s combined net worth is only in the $40 million range after so many years of high-powered earnings. A Forbes analysis of the company’s public filings and tax documents shows that the pair have recorded roughly $230 million in earnings since 2001.

The Clinton Foundation has raised over $2 billion for philanthropic causes. However, the funding of the organization has come under scrutiny because of donations from foreign governments and potential conflicts of interest during Hillary’s terms as Secretary of State. Some have also raised questions about speaking fees that Bill Clinton received from companies and countries that had donated to the foundation.”

~~This is a critical point. The professed tactic of Senator Sander’s campaign to now focus on states and regions with much smaller black voter populations carries the risk of emulating the methods of the Republican party: pandering to white voters. This is not the sort of protracted or sustained split that should define the Democratic party. It could be strategically destructive on many fronts.

~~I didn’t know Bernie Sanders’ campaign withdrew from the south. That’s news to me. The Clintons are deceptive – nice sounding rhetoric but the reality is that until they own and apologize for their racist policies of the past, nothing they can say can convince me that they really have the best for all, especially African Americans, at heart.

~~The South is not nearly as monolithic as often portrayed and it really is a shame for any Democrat politician to neglect it. President Obama won races in Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida, and picked up more than 45% of the vote in Georgia. The South is growing and changing and is going to be winnable for Democrats in the future.

~~The reality is that most African Americans live in Southern states that in November will cast all their electoral votes for the Republican presidential candidate. African Americans are disproportionately poor, but in raw numbers they are outnumbered three to one by poor whites (The U.S. Census Bureau’s most recent poverty estimates shows that 30 million white Americans and 11 million black Americas live below poverty level.) If poor white Americans perceive that the Democrat candidate is only interested in reducing black poverty, they will probably stay at home or vote for the Republican candidate. Although Bernie Sanders has demonstrated his concert for racial justice, he has also shown he is committed to lifting all Americans, not just black Americans, out of poverty.

~~Yeah, I am confident that the goldwater girl will remain true to herself and money.

Good luck beating trump in those states.

~~I noticed that in Bernie’s concession speech after his loss in NV that he didn’t even mention South Carolina. At all. It was on to Super Tuesday as if South Carolina didn’t even exist.

Why anyone is surprised that he did so poorly there is truly perplexing to me.


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