Order My Steps, Without Win or Fail


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America’s favorite paradigm of win or fail persists in Joy Reid’s piece, but it hides the deeper, more fundamental way things grow and change. The success of change can not be calculated by a scorecard, it is better seen in what comes next: what is next is rooted in the changes in the past that make new advances possible!

What many call “frustration” can also be seen as new opportunity! It comes about from change that occurs step by step, interconnected to a new stage. Example: without solid job growth, there would be no fight over wages. Without the Obama push for higher education (something the GOP scorns as elite and useless!), the discussion of its public component being free would seem displaced. Not in spite of but because of the President’s ground work can the next stage embrace higher goals to mark new advancement.

To contrast, as the wealthy consolidated wealth, they didn’t criticise the previous oligarchs, nor were the noveau riche disappointed that the old school (Salomon brothers used to trade almost all US treasuries, easily setting the auction price) had not accumulated a greater concentration of capital. They built on the legacy, grabbed more, without declaring the past insufficient.

The politics of social institutions must eliminate the failure and blame meme as a paradigm and see that growth and change occur in stages based on previous conditions. Awakening is not the result of frustration, but evidence of new opportunity, even as old gains are preserved.

Clinton, Sanders and the Fight Over Obama’s Legacy – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1TLwJoZ


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