Growth Brings More Challenges Than Failure

The idea Americans are “put off” assumes a common cause and assumes that revolution and a concurrent desire for a non-politician are negative results of President Obama’s two terms, won by 5 million+ votes. The unspoken premise implies the demand for change is bad and points to a bad origin.

Not so! Revolution grows not only out of negative conditions, but it also grows from conditions that inspire a deeper fulfillment of liberty and justice! Seen in the rapid advance of gay rights, esp, marriage; in the open discussions of police use of deadly force, in the open admission that the military has a major problem with sexual assaults, in the Dreamer program are issues that have awakened and deepened the desire–and demand–for revolutionary change: higher wages, changes in campaign funding, a new renewal of national support for education, an examination of racism as an embedded system of power; these and other issues build on and directly grow out of the President’s success!

They launch their movement from his ground work: his legislative legacy, his jobs growth, his diplomacy, his dialogue on issues other Presidents avoided.

Likewise, the conservative demand for a non-politician has intensified because the President revealed how much of their ideology is broken and leads backward. Greater health risks destabilizes families, endangers savings to wipes out a lifetime of thrift. Shutting down government cost the economy $24 billion–in only 16 days. This is what the GOP wrought!

Clinton, Sanders and the Fight Over Obama’s Legacy – The New York Times


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