The Overlooked Contradictions In The GOP Campaigns

Tea form school house

The Tea Farm Schoolhouse. a Private School for Negro Children. Summerville, SC. FSA/LOC.


(Writer’s note: advanced analysis hunts and finds the responses that differ from the expected but that still make sense and fit within the larger context. Using advanced analysis, Trump’s impenetrable lead is no surprise. The media has downplayed the fact he ran the table in South Carolina, carrying the state and each of its seven Congressional districts, coastal/lowcountry, piedmont/suburban/rural, mountain/rural–establishment, evangelicals, all income and education levels. Here’s an unbiased look at why and how, from my Times comment, with replies and further commentary. /wr)


Trump shows what Cruz and Rubio’s campaigns affirm: neither the mainstream establishment or the conservative extreme represent the broader base of Republican voters, who are xenophobic in their patriotism, fearful of minorities in power, and now seek action above blame. Campaigns of fear don’t allow them to lean forward; their faith has turned private. Trump’s open call for limits–on immigrants, refugees, police pushback, his open resistance to big media (which he exploits), his fumbles with the bible and his dust up with the Pope display a flawed independence that neither Cruz or Rubio are capable of getting away with–yet their perfect alignment is their downfall!

Trump is an everyman whose contradictions represent the evolution the mainstream and marginal extremes resist. The Obama presidency in Republican eyes was a broken promise: African-Americans entered the halls of power, a black family slept at the White House and was served breakfast and flew Air Force One; the President built coalitions of world’s leaders through diplomacy despite expectations of his spectacular fall. Jobs grew, health coverage was extended, taxes remained the same, the economy improved and intra-gender marriage was approved.

Trump keeps faith with those who seek to minimize the painful shock of Obama’s success–not moved by religion or ideology, they seek to eradicate Obama by duplicating , overwriting, and extending his success! Of the three GOP candidates, only Trump promises to go beyond Obama (and put white people first!); the other two are loudly committed to turning back.

In this election, the anti-Obama backlash is not conservative or ideological; it is made up of fractions united to vanquish racial achievement, no matter the costs to freedom or the budget. This new bloc seeks to prove and flex its might by going further, beyond Obama, rather than by turning back!


Again you are right on the money.Today our Federal Government enjoys 70% approval but our late Fall election showed a 70% voter turnout. I suspect next February your government will show less than 30% approval when November shows less than 30% show about to vote.
Democracy is funny that way.
You might enjoy this piece from our newspaper of record on your SC primaries its not what Americans get from their right center and corporate media.…

~~You made several assertions that are simple lies.

Republican voters are “not xxx-phobic” – all such terms are meant to demean and discredit. They are Americans who have different values than yours.

They are not “fearful” of people of color in power. Another projection. You are afraid. Therefore you call others afraid. Obama has had plenty of failures that would lead any reasonable person to want him replaced. So has Hillary. Playing a minority card only continues the divisive discourse in this country.

~~It appears that democrats are far more fearful of minorities and their power than republicans. You don’t see the republican candidates chasing down Al Sharpton.

Dear Fantasy:
It’s spelled “xenophobic.” We agree others (including you!) hold different “values” than mine–those values and actions exhibit the characteristics defined and classified as xenophobic!

From the McCain campaign, if you deal in evidence (not twisted fantasy and deliberate forgetfulness), voters directly, verbally expressed “fear.” (True.) McCain had a long discussion with one women that illustrates the 100s of comments and videos and blogs and community conversations that spoke of “fear,” its “dangers,” its “destruction.” The most obvious act of fear was the backlog of ammunition purchases–“fear” triggered the need for a defense for which there was no need! And when Trump orders peaceful American Muslims out of his rallies, that’s xenophobic!

I did not arm myself. I was not afraid. I am not afraid to confront xenophobia or racism. Both are more than just “differences” in values.

I challenge the “reasonable” you to cite those “failures” of Obama! Why do so many comments like yours offer no proof, but are full of empty fight? Playing the white card doesn’t work–unless you are among those who identify themselves as white supremacists making robo-calls for Trump; the tapes are easily found online. When will you and others stop trying to blame others for challenging the way you hide racism and xenophobia behind its denial? Stop pretending these denials of common liberty are only “differences”!


Collaboration with Sharpton who hosts a mainstream, network television talk show, who has been active in the movement for social justice and ending police violence, who has preached the funerals of many of the black community’s significant figures is not “chased,” but sought after by those who seek his wise council–unlike Jeb Bush who came to Charleston and got the name of church wrong–calling in Bethel instead of Emanuel.

AACNY: frankly I don’t see any Republican candidates in discussions with any African-Americans at any level, conservatives or otherwise: to include Condoleezza Rice, Colin Powell, Michael Steele, Thomas Sewell, J.C. Watts, Gary Franks, Allen West, Dr. Carol Swain, Lynn Swann, SC’s Charmeka Childs, TX’s James White, Charleston-born H. Abram Wilson (former mayor of San Ramon, CA), MI’s Bill Hardiman, MD’s Lt. Gov. Boyd Rutherford, MO’s Carson Ross, NJ’s Matthew G. Carter, OK’s former House Speaker, T.W. Shannon, or GA’s Melvin Everson–all of whom have held high appointed office or elected positions, but are invisible in the campaigns and conversations–and the face the GOP presents to America!

I don’t see Republicans “chasing down” the very qualified, loyal and proven winners among their own African-American members–maybe they should start there first, before talking to Al Sharpton. His first question would be, no doubt, what does the absence of engagement by the party and its candidates among its own say–to American voters?



3c30355v (2)

~~@ Fantasy Dude: My friend, I think you may be deluded about this.

I speak as the wife of a former Republican and as the friend of many Republicans.

About the only thing they have in common with today’s GOP is a desire to see the tax structure not unfairly punish the working rich. Meaning–the people who are producing via income not be unfairly taxed a la Bernie Sanders. My GOP brethren also tend to be hawkish and more prone to flexing military muscle. But that’s it.

Compare those values with the stated Republican platform……a study in contradiction and hypocrisy if I ever saw one.

Despite touting themselves as “libertarian” when it comes to the Federal government, the Republican platform has an unhealthy obsession with how people live their private lives. They have patriarchal beliefs when it comes to women’s reproductive rights. They area against science–both in the classroom and as a matter of policy when it comes to global warming. They are anti LGBT rights–and proudly so, to the point of wanting to instill LAWS like the one in Georgia that make discrimination legally okay. All of it based on the PERSONAL RELIGIOUS BELIEFS of their brethen. Is there anything more intrusive than our government officials cramming down their religion down our throats via laws?

Racists? Ya’ betcha. Look no further than the treatment of Obama’s birthplace compared to Ted Cruz, a dude actually born elsewhere!

If you stand by those beliefs, you are that person, sorry to say.

~~Oh come on. All Trump represents is the GOP (and fellow travelers in the democratic party) going feral, allowing the simplistic blowhard down at the union hall or the country club to be elevated to…heaven help us…presidential candidate. It’s like a dystopic sci-fi movie.

“Oh come on,” downplaying the threat, ignoring evidence, deflecting the conversation is another way to deny the real intent!

To wit: Did the 10 % of SC Republicans “lie” when they said they believed “whites to be a superior race”? SC has few unions, were they the “country club” set? Did Dylan Roof “lie” when he traveled t Charleston to commit the Emanuel massacre, leaving on the web his xenophobic views? How about when Trumps orders an Alabama protester attacked–and he is kicked, knocked down, and punched? Or when he orders peaceful Muslims removed from his rallies? Exactly (ever?) does it reach a red line?

As Robert Frost said: “how many things have to happen to you before something occurs to you?”

Denial, a constant in bias and racism, is best understood in an old joke: Booker T. Washington encounters a white man on horseback who declares him to be the brightest and best American he knows; Washington says the honor should go to Pres. Roosevelt. The man replies, “I thought so, too, until he invited you for dinner at the White House.”

The joke reminds us denial hides its truth, sometimes with faint praise, or by deflecting, subject-shifting, downplaying or blame shifting–but its many paths–its ways and means–have one purpose: to keep racism alive by creating a plausible cover. to hide its ugly truth (even in sci-fi).

Finally, racism creates a moral dilemma for faithful believers. It denies the command to love, ignores the baptised Abyssinian, produces no good works.

A final thought: too many racists (both Republicans and Democrats!) hide the moral dilemma of their racism in denials that say their views are only disappointments and “differences.” These deflections were also used against the enslaved!


~~Thank you.

~~Absolutely. the clearest, most concise analysis thus far.




One thought on “The Overlooked Contradictions In The GOP Campaigns

  1. Love this, Walter. Your work, as always, but the fact that you put it out there. That is the only way this series of Obama back slams can be put to rest. Do we ever agree with anything any President does? I can’t say that I ever have. But if we had an unbiased analyst come in and evaluate the past two presidencies, or even the past five presidencies, President Obama comes out looking pretty damn good. We’ve been through a scary, dark time from a financial standpoint and militarily too. But there’s no way he can be the scapegoat of that. The truth of it all, is that if you live long enough (not that I’m ninety), and you’ve seen the dark days, the backside of the Civil Rights Movement–the riots and beatings, you know the smell of racial smugness. It has a stench that penetrates the air. And the Republicans have enough of that to make the going forward dangerous. None of us should ever want to go backward. I’m thrilled to think that we have had a glimmer of hope…with the Obamas in the White House and gay marriage finally a reality in this country. And now if we could just put someone in the White House who can take all this seriously and begin to gain some more momentum toward UNITY (there’s a concept!), we might have a hope for the future. We certainly all know none of that would happen with the divisive likes of Trump, or Cruz, or Rubio. I say they wipe the slate clean and get a do-over—which is definitely a fantasy, I know! Keep talking, Walter. The race card needs to come out, the bigots are showing their faces, and now they need to know that all of us, white, black, Asian and Latino, are just not going to take it anymore.


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