The GOP Policies Are Old News


Dorothea Lange photograph. Alabama field hands. 1936. FSA/LOC.

The GOP says their fight is over ideas, but their battle has always been over power: they seek to rule, not govern. They want to be masters not servants. Not one single position they have shows a willingness to compromise or find common ground or exhibit common sense–in eight years!

Hidden in the electoral power plays is an ugliness that attacks minorities, women, and the poor. They have accused the power of not paying taxes! Their official canon says minorities are either eager to live off handouts (blacks) or steal jobs (brown). They are willing to break up families, separating husbands from wives, mothers/fathers from children, offering no relief except the back of an imaginary line which offers no priority for families divided. They demand women relinquish control of their bodies to government which in turn denies the liberty of their person. Even now scattered cases exist where women have been jailed for having abortions.

Many voters have become numb to their rage. Many are scared by their projected fears of terrorists on every Main Street. Many have loss grip on the reality of our international standing, where the greatest coalition builder in our history is called “weak” as he inspires democracy over hegemony and power. Too many take comfort in war.

The cultural scares deflect from the naked grab of wealth. Their faith is just a means to the collection plate. They do not intend to shrink the cash flow of the world’s largest budget, only to redirect its flow. As Flint pays for undrinkable water, GM was reconnected to the old Detroit source. We can breathe bad air as electric rates go up for new coal plants and ash piles create fish kills and poison our rivers. Social security is solvent and represents the world’s 5th largest GDP. Yet we are told $15 an hour will cause the country to collapse!  

~~Excellent description of many of the Republicans. There are others – the Republican poor voters that vote against their own interest because of campaign propaganda machines paid by the people who want to perpetuate this situation and even tilt more the playing field.

~~Excellent commentary. Thank you!


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