Ranted and Answered

First the rant:

The issue here is solidarity of American Christians. You can call them evangelicals, conservatives, liberals, democrats or republicans….but they will remain American Christians. Deal with that.

First, the word is American Christians…and not evangelicals.

Second, most Americans of Hispanic extraction are not in favor of killing, butchering illegal Mexicans, they are Catholics and will vote for a president who will defend the American Christian churches. Blacks have had no relief with bozo (barack hussein obama) warming his buns in the oval office for eight years and are still looking for someone to help them with their plight of injustice, bigotry and racism. Someone who will change their existence as second class American citizens.

Third, the population of the U.S. is a little over 300 million, population of humans on earth is over 7.4 billion of which 1.2 billion are Catholics opposed to homosexuality. There are also 1.3 billion Chinese which do not recognize same-sex marriage nor homosexual civil unions, Islam religion has 1.62 billion members comprised primarily of Muslim believers who do not condone homosexuality, communist countries also do not condone homosexuality. Power and control over 7.4 billion humans on earth is impossible. Deal with that.


Here’s my answer:

This xenophobic reconstruction denies and hides the racism that it propels and wraps in two flags–one hidden under the American flag, its culture tied to sheets that hid killers during Reconstruction and its nadir–extending well into today!

The first taking of power is to misappropriate the Christian name! I am an American Christian–millions are!–and our faith, religion, and beliefs do not resemble one who uses slurs in the name of faith! Our faith is one of love. The second taking is a pathetic attempt (as closet white supremacists do!) to speak for minorities, redefining history to blame those who fight injustice and oppression as weak and ineffective–but the pejorative gives it away! Those who will not rest in the fight for justice never deny others what they seek themselves–fairness, dignity, compassion–nor would they limit the President’s performance to reflect an ethnic group–except to deny his greater responsibilities. This view slyly undercuts his legitimacy and inaccurately reinforces the idea that minorities are limited to selfish concerns and hand-outs, without a larger vision of America or identity.

Its rabid anti-gay rhetoric depends on static numbers. It denies the wave of social change: not only toward gays, but the treatment of women as property (esp. in Islam), the rise of global workers, and the social acceptance of gay rights ahead of policy. It’s about power over the world, but freedom and choice for all, including minorities whose liberty and life you deny. Iceland, Belgium, and Luxembourg have had openly gay heads of state. The world is forward, not backward.


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