Cruz and Rubio Defy Common Sense


Charleston Negro Houses, 1942. FSA/LOC.

The new Republican math is it’s a three way tie when the winner has a ten point lead! For Cruz and Rubio, it’s an uphill climb to the bottom. Both scare all but the most tone deaf of voters–those whose idea of policy is beat and punch, leaving opponents–Democrats/terrorists/nations–and America–lying in the dust.

Bush is dead. (God is alive!) Good rubbish. We are done with the temptation for dangerous recycling lies about harm, a snake oil list of ill intentions that only a mother could love.

That leaves two elected Senators with viability. (Hopefully, God isn’t finished yet!) One propped up by the biggest political group hug SC has ever seen! A governor, house member, senator surrounded the fledgling at every step, and despite his precarious wobble, he was waved and smiled his way to “victory,” relying on familiar anti-Obama tropes in a state with 10% of polled Republicans openly admitting their belief that “the white race is superior.” Witness the Emanuel massacre.

Mind you, many of these are migrants: from Ohio and points north, their strange fruit finds fertile ground in SC; what the downed battle flag means still flies in their hearts. (Pray for them.)

The other default viable reminds memory that in 2012, a SC Catholic priest refused communion to member that voted for Obama. (Why God doesn’t put humans in charge of mercy: they confuse redemption with retribution!) Cruz’s religion is a political dark art–but his evangelical base broke faith! It turned to the liar, with psychological covertness. (How rich Cruz supporters underwent a reformation.) Trump’s anti-war, Bush-blame for 9/11, Pope dust-up deepened a schism.

How sweet, brothers and sisters, is the fight in a military/conservative/evangelical/establishment/Koch brothers state is the fight for second!

They are “winning” by default; someone has to be second and third! They have no groundswell. But they will open public lands to corporate, private drilling. They have no healthcare fix. But they will repeal the ACA. Their “bold” leadership on Cuba is not to emblazon the Cuban people, but to continue the embargo, removing the inspirational hope and hard cash that ignites change. They are willing to breathe dirty air and their silence on Flint shows they are willing to poison children in an outreach of partisan support.

A little teamwork, America! With a little effort, we can finish what South Carolina signaled: our differences don’t have to defy our common sense!


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