Chasing the Obama Ghost

In a South Carolina poll last week, 10% of Republicans participating publicly reported their belief that the white race was superior. That 10% is enough for Cruz to offend the other 90% of America–and to be a block, when multiplied out across the country, of silent, solid racists who want to rule rather than govern and return power to white hands.

Remember what Gail Collins wrote: “This is a theory, much loved on talk radio, that involves an insidious presidential plot to make America just a run-of-the-mill country — smaller and weaker and burdened with universal health care. When things go wrong it isn’t because of ineptitude. It’s a careful Obama scenario aimed at bringing the country down. A man that sinister can’t be allowed to even put a nomination into play. God knows what would happen. Close your eyes and pretend he isn’t there.”

Make no mistake, Cruz and the others are still running against Obama and his legacy–although he will be out of office!


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