Wondering Who Wants To Rule?

LACrowley38Russell (2)

More and more for Republicans, it’s not about governing but about naked grabs for power! Every policy position and idea among these Republican candidates (sans Carson) reflects brute force! Walls, deportation, carpet bombing; a cruel willingness to deny the obvious: President Obama won two national elections, both with the popular vote–(they have won nothing)–as Jeb Bush whines about his “family” being attacked as he ignores his brother’s war of death and carnage that he in Orwellian terms calls making America “safe”–blaming Clinton for not killing ben Laden while giving Obama no credit.

With the death of Justice Scalia announced only hours before, it was a media question: a soft ball intended as an opportunity to tear the hide off the pitch. Who did not predict the inflamed rhetoric? Or that it would lack substance? Or the mob mentality these candidates exhibit toward the President?

No longer able to use shackles, the verbal handcuffs came out. (The paternal “sit still, obey, do what we say.”) They all weighed in on a decision left solely to the President as they trashed the powers of his office. Again, expected: four of the five lost their moral and political decency long ago. The only thing worse was to hear from my state the screams and applause of approval for the attacks, scorn, and false promises.

G.O.P. Candidates Call for ‘Delay’ in a Supreme Court Appointment – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1oyDhMn


~~Consistently on point, and always beautifully described Mr. Rhett.

~~Mr. Rhett, exactly correct. The GOP cares little about governing. Rather, it cares about “ruling” with all of the accompanying power and money. Its members are fond of invoking the Founders and the Constitution, yet there is nothing in the writings of the Founders, nor in the Constitution that suggests a plausible reason to delay an appointment.

Time and again, this political party has demonstrated that it has become a party of extremists and is therefore dangerous for the nation as a whole.

~~The mob is indeed very ugly.


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