Turning the Tables


High John the Conqueror.

In the tradition of black folklore (esp. the “High John” tales), the imagination and humor in their truth telling, to wit: The first black President, a Democratic chided and chastised, can end the divisions in the country that lead to hate and blame and the mangling of the constitution, and earn a bi-partisan pat from the white GOP leadership by appointing one of the four white Republican candidates for President.

(Sorry, Ben, but some divides must be maintained; too much strain to recommend another black when the one in place was Scalia’s body servant (adding another sends the wrong idea!) and is one of the post civil rights “faithful” (civil war term used by whites to describe former slaves still loyal to their masters).)

Imagine the angst! Would Cruz consent? More, could he be confirmed? Would it satisfy Rubio’s clutch? Would Jeb reject the honor of being a statesman as a jurist? Make it interesting: if any decline, it goes to the next “in line.” Add a caveat: to accept, they must revoke and recant their words said on stage before a national audience and make a full confession of their partisan insanity in an effort to unite the nation by recanting every grievous error!

Next stop: Mitch O’Connell’s office, the KY Irishman who has promised no action. And then, right before the committee vote (if it gets that far!)–one of the Presidential powers is the ability to withdraw a nomination, unless of the current vacancies are filled! (Or maybe not!) Mr. President, go for it!

G.O.P. Candidates Call for ‘Delay’ in a Supreme Court Appointment – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1oyE8wy


~~walter – Better, O. could nominate himself for SCOTUS, letting Biden step up to The Oval and choose Elizabeth Warren as his Veep, then a Biden/Warren ticket could run for the White House 🙂

“Law”: Agreed. The possible combinations are endlessly! I only suggested an offer to the GOP dunces in the High John tradition of story telling, the legacy of the enslaved folklore character who always outwitted the system and its masters and overseers, against the odds, often through appeals to their greed and vanity.

~~Although Obama would make an outstanding Supreme Court justice, my guess is that, after eight years in the White House, he’s probably ready for some fresh air.

~~Why not nominate Colin Powell?


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