For Bernie and Trump: Ideas Are Weapons

gordonparksseatonrd (2)

Birthday party, pouring lemonade. Seaton Road. Washington, DC. 1942. FSA/LOC.

One of the things Democrats don’t do well is use ideas as weapons, esp. Hillary with her earnest pleading and resume references! “Work” doesn’t excite people–ideas do!

Bernie gets this. He knows the power of an idea; so does Trump. Cruz and Rubio’s dependence on labels are a magnitude lower than either Bernie or Trump’s–no one “dreams” of being a conservative! Bernie and Trump are battle-ready. Their visions motivate their voters, even as policy takes flight from reality. The trick is not to get reality and fantasy confused. The exasperation aimed at Trump overlooks he never suggests reality awaits his huge list of will-dos; his followers are simply centered on their articulation. The same is true for Bernie’s legions! But lately he is edging toward a dangerous mistake: the attempt to convert huge ideas into a frame of political reality. He must keep pushing the dream. It is the weapon. Not the promise of its reality.

Hillary’s work ethic doesn’t inspire passion.

Varieties of Voodoo – The New York Times

~~Two different flashes in the same pan.


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