Democrats Must Ask How And Why

If with Bernie, voters must ask how, then with Hillary, voters must ask why? For good or bad, she is tied to Bill. I remember his immediate withdrawal of the nomination of Harvard professor Lani Guinier for Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights, based on GOP objections to her writings on affirmative actions. I remember, too, that Prof. Guinier had been in their wedding, as a bridesmaid! I remember his sitting out Africa’s most horrific genocide in Rwanda. I remember his dismal failure in Haiti twice, an invasion and after the hurricane. He could not intervene in Africa to save a million lives but did invade Haiti in peace time, ironically, in Operation Upholding Democracy. The touch of the Clintons have been more mess than Midas.

If Bernie is a dreamer (and I am not yet sure he gets racism as a structural system with its own tangled matrix of denials and support (like the white supremacist robo-calls made in Iowa for Trump that no GOP candidate disavowed), Hillary is a fighter; but too often the conflicts are of her own making!

The Fire Meets the Wall – The New York Times


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