Why The Media Doesn’t Revisit Trump

Trump is the media’s golden goose! Do you really expect them to bite the hand that makes their ratings soar? When a known Hillary supporter (Chris Matthews) does an hour long bio pic of Trump before a single vote is cast, you can bet it’s for ratings, the bucks Trump brings in!

Conversely, Democrats have no interest in knocking off Trump until he knocks everybody else off! He is an effective fighting force: ask your governor, Chris Christie, long ago a fair-head favorite but whose insults didn’t make the grade as do the exquisite sound bites of Trump’s; his astonishing; Christie’s merely insulting. As long as Trump leads the ratings race and offers fresh weekly fodder, we will see no old dirt.

Republicans, Widows and Porn – The New York Times http://nyti.ms/1PTVvSu


One thought on “Why The Media Doesn’t Revisit Trump

  1. You got it buddy… This goose is still producing for his media cohorts. As long as money talks, this waddling phenom will be allowed to squawk. That’s just the way it is… Let’s just enjoy the show. What a character!


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