The Cost of Freedom

How many millions more and for how long into the future must we “help them get their lives together” and don’t American citizens deserve absolute priority in receiving government help to get their lives together in an economy where the “middle-class” continues to shrink, poverty remains undiminished, and “working-class” often means working 2 or 3 part-time jobs.


My reply:

Blame is a common form of injustice: so is the xenophobia about “them” and constant whining about “millions.” The real point is the “millions” are being spent in defense of American democracy, the country’s founding principles–defended not only by war, but by the legal structures and the constitution that is our founding document and makes the country unique.

Neither freedom or democracy is cheap: but it is worth the costs! The constitution isn’t cast aside when it’s inconvenient! Every penny spent makes me proud I live in a country that grants the rights of law for justice for all, and recognizes the dignity and inherent worth of every life. No problem should make our nation abandon its historic principles! No cost is too high in defense of freedom (its due process!) that has been our legacy and promise.

Republicans, Widows and Porn – The New York Times


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