Cruz’s Political Positioning


It is not his extremism that is attracting and winning voters, it is Ted Cruz’s hard work and his undiscussed exceptional organizational skills. He organizes county by county. He has at least one pastor in each county who sells and supports his message. He enlists 100s of volunteers. More than any of the Republican candidates, he understands politics is retail.

Trump missed this point and lost in Iowa. The others rely too much on the money paradigm, broadcast ads, super-PACs, media messaging, the tools that President Obama twice showed could be easily defeated. Right now, Cruz’s ground game is winning; his message reinforces and amplifies the teams that do the work of convincing their neighbors that Cruz’s anti-democratic positions are only defiant to the mainstream, a message they have grown accustomed to hearing but until Cruz had seldom seen acted upon.

Politics is focused on inconsistencies. Cruz’s rigid line on his many positions make him difficult to attack by candidates who do not want to appear weak or eager to appease the middle. The irony is the guy who is the most extreme is the least vulnerable!

Fact: Cruz had 1500+ precinct captains in Iowa! For 99 counties! Under each of those were a phalanx of volunteers making specific calls based on a voter’s specific interests. It raises to the level of media crime that his extensive, purposed ground game was so woefully under reported. He also had a key pastor in every county, something he has also done in South Carolina. Iin my comments, I share little known facts that are keys to head-scratching outcomes, but are accurate cause and effects.)

His small crowds and message are cover for his massive (and successful!) ground game. By no means is this admiration–only the methods and strategy of his showing. aNo matter the message, big ground game creates its own (interpersonal) momentum. (NH uses a New England town model and is hard to organize using a precinct model.) Or look at it this way: it is the same method evangelical churches use to grow!

Agreed: within a dialectical system, the hardest positions to attack are not those in the middle, but those on the end, at either extreme. Every radical (think ISIS!) leverages extreme ideas and actions as “strength” in the face of others (moderates) who lack their courage, thereby amplifying their legend.

Bernie loops his strength back into the party’s mainstream; Cruz (like Idi Amin!) becomes increasingly anti-democratic, willing to govern through bellicose quarrels.

Politics is mathematics; count the boots!

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One thought on “Cruz’s Political Positioning

  1. Cruz’s bellicosity is his Achilles heel. What he perceives as strength will only serve him among those like himself… There are not enough of them to make him strong in the sense that really counts… In a general election that will is. Donald Trumps’s assessment of him is spot on, his lack of charisma is immediately observable. The only people who like Cruz, are those like Cruz. The country left them behind when it discarded McCarthyism. The man has no decency.


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