When the Hospital Fires the Bullet – The New York Times

More and more hospital guards across the country carry weapons, sparking a fierce debate over whether that improves safety or endangers patients.

Many mental health professionals strongly object to weapons in hospitals, saying they have numerous other means — from talk therapy to cloth restraints and seclusion rooms to quick-acting shots of sedatives — to subdue patients if they pose a danger. State mental health facilities typically do not allow guns or Tasers on their premises; even police officers are asked to check weapons at the door. (Twenty-three percent of shootings in emergency rooms involved someone grabbing a gun from a security officer, according to a study by Dr. Gabor Kelen, director of emergency medicine at Johns Hopkins Medical School.)

Source: When the Hospital Fires the Bullet – The New York Times

When he pulled back the sheet covering Mr. Pean, he saw that the patient was in handcuffs, his torso dotted with Taser probes and a bloody wound on his upper chest. It was only after the doctor noted the blood pooling around the young man, who began shouting that he was Superman as the physician tried to examine the wound, that someone mentioned he had not only been hit with the Taser, but also shot.

“Take the damn handcuffs off!” Dr. Arango yelled, according to an employee.


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