The Guilty Mind

A Republican Crime Proposal That Democrats Should Back – The New York Times (Read the article first! /wr)

The harm is enough! This article proves the case: It presents a massive never-go-to-jail card for the one percent that would fully empower their plunder with impunity, knowing they could never be held accountable for conditions like we see in Flint, or the enduring global recession, or the theft or sale of intellectual property, money laundering, or the oil and gas leaks (the most recent, 4 months!), sheet rock scandals and auto and food recalls that are standard fare. This amounts to backdoor deregulation for the top managers and wealth whose blind eye then turns the world to the wrong path. We have already had one candidate for President who kept his money offshore.

Again, the article proves the case for harm as a prime cause. No doubt–even overlooking the recent crimes of Wall Street and the Bush war machine–its claim of the benefits of a sanction-free universe for global improprieties, and physical and financial genocides on an unseen scale was written without a “guilty mind.”


~~The obvious problem is the burden of proof of reading someone’s mind to discern their intentions in order to establish guilt or innocence.


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