Democrats Use Global Best Practices?

Can we switch hats and take a new view? Current speeches show it is almost impossible to dislodge deeply embedded economic myths that crowd out political discussions of innovation.

Committed Democrats should advise Hillary and Bernie’s teams to break with the constrictions of traditional fights over taxes and debt. Both teams should propose planning, training and operating models that reorganize economic relationships to share prosperity between the wealthy and the workers, to find markets to achieve sustainable growth, emphasizing cooperation over competition, using American core skills to return the US to the world’s number one economic engine and the global leader in quality of life.

Isn’t it time in America to discuss approaches and models with proven success, that will consolidate assistance in one package based on criteria that breaks the poverty cycle and strengthens the value and skills of the next generation?

It’s time the use of successful planning models received serious attention! The global middle class is nearing one billion; it will double by 2025. We can learn much by looking at models and opportunities, inside and outside. Research Triangle, NC, Africa’s Botswana, China’s Pearl River zone (5% of global manufacturing!) come to mind.

Right now, we not only don’t make the train, we are about to be left behind at the station, without a ticket to ride!

For a fuller discussion–applicable to both sides, see: “Hillary Clinton: Will Her Economic Policy Follow Global Best Practices?” | One Mule Drag [].

On Economic Stupidity – The New York Times


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