Again, Global Models

(This is a repost. /wr)

We are engaging in old fights! Current speeches show it is almost impossible to dislodge deeply embedded economic myths that crowd out political discussions of innovation. Here’s fresh idea–for both sides! Committed Democrats should advise both teams to break with the constrictions of traditional fights over taxes and debt. Instead, the teams should propose planning, training and operating models that reorganize economic relationships to share prosperity between the wealthy and the workers, to find markets to achieve sustainable growth, emphasizing cooperation over competition, using American core skills to return the US to the world’s number one economic engine and the global leader in quality of life.

Successful models promote growth. They engage stakeholders and establish economic activities — real organizations and businesses supported by advanced knowledge and research, highlighted and included in state and regional plans, aided by federal policies—that will innovate as markets expand. The one billion member global middle class will double by 2025, Right now, we not only don’t make the train, we are about to be left behind at the station, without a ticket to ride.

See (applicable to both teams): Hillary Clinton: Will Her Economic Policy Follow Global Best Practices? — Medium [].



~~Walter, you’ve made an exceptional point. The single thing I found lacking in last night’s debate was Inspiration…We know the candidates’ positions; retreading the same ground would give the impression that anyone is a single-issue candidate. We need now to move these debates toward a dialogue with the country regarding an achievable, inspiring agenda…something we all can share and rally around. Your referenced article is a good start toward a positive and productive discussion.



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