Defeat the Anti-Democratic


Arthur Rothstein photo. Logs being floated down the White Salmon River at the junction with the Columbia River, Oregon. 1936. FSA/LOC.

Republicans have decreed the end of America began after the last term of George W. Bush. His $700 billion TARP bailout for the world’s biggest banks is met with silence by both parties; as Democrats fight over war votes, its obscene off-book budget of death seldom receives the focus of the banks and financing new opportunity safety nets.

The focus should be on the broader political economy: Halliburton is no different than the banks; BP is remainder of why we need strict environment regulations and safety measures; Duke Power’s pollution of North Carolina’s Dan River and the fish kills in the Catawba-Wateree basin from 82 million tons of coal ash (containing arsenic, mercury, among deadly toxins) has much in common with Flint, where the state is the agent that turned off clean water, failed to prep the new source and approved water that damages skin and brains, and slowly kills.

Overlooked examples are replete with missed connections between real crises: a woman jailed in Indiana for an abortion, teenagers shot dead for “attitude,”crazy fears over diseases rather than the tough work of education, the return of white supremacy (its faithful canvasing for Trump in Iowa!)–Bernie’s right, who carries about emails?

Start with hatred and deconstruct it: its venom has become talking points, debated for its influence on voters minds. But real issues weigh on our souls, waiting to be judged. A new vision of real connections must defeat candidates who are anti-democratic.

The Time-Loop Party – The New York Times


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