President Obama Addresses A Baltimore Mosque, A Historic First


tarting from the idea that good people are not to be blamed for the bad acts of others, the President rejected the idea of collective guilt for those whose religion is Islam. The President’s remarks really addressed the inner threat–the threat is which the heart’s inner truth begins to assign blame to the undeserving, overlooking values shared within differences, the common humanity, the good will that does no harm out of the temptations of hate and fear.

This practice of fear with its elements of irrational hate, its strident blame, its anger hinged to violence has long been embedded in America’s psyche. From the lynching of African-Americans, and later their random killings across the South with markings of vicious indifference, this desire for blood coup has moved to center on new targets: Muslims, their mosques, their faith; their place among us; their freedom.

It is a fear that rejects any examination; a fear above questioning. To those whose hearts hold it dear, it is a absolute right to hate. It is without grief or love. It refuses to share. Its hate to its holders feels strong. It blames others undeserving for wrongs.




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