Rubio Darkens The Light Of Truth



Stature of Diogenes, Sinope, Turkey

Republicans–their media pundits, columnists, and scribes–have a Diogenes problem: they are in search of an honest man or woman (really, a man). But what if that honesty reveals no depth?

That’s the Rubio problem: handsome, great voice, but his center is void of essence, even as his politics are brimming over with political conventions. He’s assembled, programmable, and comes in too many shapes and sizes. His strategy has always been to hold hands with his benefactors and make deals. Voters don’t see him as having the strength or sense to be president.

Watch the programmable Rubio sometimes: a word outside of his stump speech shows he is out of his league. He running on the fact that he has opposition, which he claims makes him qualified; he never ties it to the support of any of his policy positions (education? health care? corporate tax breaks? income inequality?) except his flip-flop on immigration.

Rubio is a factory part, cut, stamped, connected to systems and ideology from the days of monopolies and carriage making. He tries to combine history with down line marketing and wants America to elect a ruby who bought into the Presidential package–a man who has publicly said he will reverse every vestige of progress America has made simply because it was achieved by another President from another party. He’s a company politician who can’t make fighting weight. He wants us to forget all the silver spoons that feed him (and never the least of us!).

And Now, the Marco Memo – The New York Times (This post previously appeared. /wr)



~~I agree with your points, but Rubio handsome. Not to be too egotistical but if Rubio is considered handsome I guess that makes me movie star quality. Great voice, ditto. He is a hustler and con man, pure and simple. And someone else paid for his suits.

~~Marco Rubio is Sarah Palin in drag with better (but still content-free) verbal skills…

~~Republicans only want a man who sounds honest for the masses, but is willing to lie his ….posterior….. off for the cause.


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